Friday, August 22, 2014

Happy Birthday Hannah!

Cake by Cake Couture by Tina
Do you live near Cebu City? That's where Tina is. Get one of her cakes!
It either had to be a Pit Bull cake for Kif or a German Shepherd cake for Zapp since those are Hannah's two dogs. (Or Futurama now that I think of it since her dog names are both characters from that show.) This was just so adorable that it won.

I wasn't Catholic when she was born but now I feel very lucky that she chose to come on the Feast Day for the Queenship of Mary. So when Hannah's birthday is on a Friday, as it is today, we can feast with meat!

Hannah's chosen, not surprisingly, a favorite Chinese restaurant where she can get duck. As well as delicious juicy steamed dumplings and many other treats. She's requested Spicy Ginger Cake with Chocolate Frosting. Mmmmm, mmmmm ... this is going to be one scrumptious feast!

The best, of course, is the gift of Hannah herself to our family. Our tree loving, animal loving, sweet girl who is smart as a whip, funny, and thoughtful. No wonder we love her so much. We just can't help ourselves!

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  1. To paraphrase Benjamin Franklin, dogs are proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.